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Where it all began

The Elliott family, Caroline and Stewart with their sons Tom, Mark and Phil, started producing free range eggs back in 1989 on their farm at Bewholme, East Yorkshire. With the philosophy that a happy hen produces a tasty egg, all of the hens enjoy a welfare rich life being free to roam and munching on corn harvested and milled on the farm.

Each member of the family plays their own important part but with the same shared passion of producing top quality eggs.

Due to continued expansion and in times of flock turnaround we source our eggs from our other local East Yorkshire free range producers who meet the same exacting standards as our own flocks

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The European Agricultural Fund For Rural Development: Europe investing in rural areas

Egg packing house expansion

To aid the expansion of the Egg Packing Centre and Additional Equipment

It is part funded by the European Agricultural Fund for Rural Development

From field to fork...

The Elliotts have strived to make the journey from field to fork as brief as possible. The whole journey from planting the wheat, harvesting it, milling it, feeding it to the hens, collecting the eggs and packing them is all done on site meaning a pretty impressive carbon footprint.

Known in the trade as ‘drilling’, the wheat is planted in the fields using the latest modern machinery either in autumn or spring depending on the variety wheat being used.

Plant the Seeds

the seeds

The hens are free to roam in open fields with lush grass and plenty of shelter…lucky them!

Free range chicken action

Free range chicken action

The eggs are collected daily by our farm staff so you can be guaranteed they’re super fresh!

Collecting the produce

Collecting the produce

Once collected, the eggs are individually graded by our brilliant staff who have a real eye for detail.

Quality control


The first time the eggs leave the Elliott farm is when they are delivered to your business by one of our fleet of vans.

Distribution to your local area

Distribution to your local area

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