Elliotts Eggs


The Family...

The Elliott family are a close knit family who work well together and support each other in their individual roles. Daily family meetings are held over lunchtime to keep everyone up to date.

3 Brothers, 3 Jobs




Tom Elliott

Poultry and Sales Director

Responsible for the hens on the farms and the marketing of eggs, whilst assisting with the farms' contracting side of the business.

Mark Elliott

Operations Director

Wholly responsible for the day to day running of the egg packing centre and making sure orders are sent out on time.

Phil Elliott

Agricultural and Contracting Director

Responsible for running the farms and contracting side of the business.

The team ...

Vicky Hara

Quality Assurance &
Customer Liaison

Vicky deals with quality testing on the eggs, but most importantly rings round each week for weekly customer orders and deals with general telephone enquiries.

Tom's wife Ell

Technical Manager

Ell is in charge of all things technical at Elliott Eggs, including technical and compliance audits, as well as monitoring of quality standards.

Laura Barmby-Hannah

Quality Manager

Managing product quality, producer admin and dealing with compliance audits.

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