Elliotts Eggs


All about the eggs...

Our East Yorkshire packing station is passionate about being as self-sufficient and sustainable as possible. The energy used to run the packing station comes from our own on site wind turbine and solar panels, and our heating source comes from our on-site biomass boiler. As well as this we use low energy alternatives where possible, such as low energy lighting. We aim to recycle as much of our waste as possible, with our carboard and plastic waste all being sent for recycling. Eggs which have defects such as those with misshapen shells are sent to be processed, and any broken eggs are separated from their shell, with the liquid part being sent to a local anaerobic digester plant, and shell being spread as a fertiliser back on the land which we use to grow wheat to feed our own hens. We run our own transport, which means we can make our journeys as efficient as possible.

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