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All about the eggs...

All Elliott Eggs meet the exacting standards of both the Lion Code and RSPCA Assured. All the eggs are packed in our BRC approved Packing Centre here on the family farm where daily quality tests are made. All in all this means you can trust they are cracking good eggs!

To make sure our eggs are readily available we deliver throughout Yorkshire to restaurants, shops, schools, residential homes and catering establishments, to name but a few!

We hope that you enjoy your Yorkshire eggs!

1 = Free Range ( other categories include 0 = organic, 2 = barn reared birds, 3 = cage birds )

UK = Country of origin ( IMPORTANT - FR means imported from France NOT Free Range )

54321 = Farm Source ID Code ( e.g UK Free Range Egg Code - 1 UK 54321 )


At Elliott Eggs we believe that happy hens produce great eggs and the powers that be seem to agree! All of our eggs meet the required standards for AHVLA/DEFRA, RSPCA Assured and the British Egg Industry Council (meaning they are Lion Code approved). We are also BRC Grade AA accredited and adhere to rigorous health and safety, sustainability and environmental policies. In short, you can trust that they are cracking good eggs!

The UK egg industry has effectively eliminated salmonella through the British Lion scheme. This has lead to The Foods Standards Agency (FSA) confirming that British Lion eggs are safe to be eaten runny, or even raw, by infants, children, pregnant women and elderly people.

To find out more, download the PDF on the official advice for egg safety.

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