Elliotts Eggs


The Hens Producing Elliott Eggs

To get the best eggs from our flocks of free range laying birds, we give them freedom to roam on our family farms in Bewholme and associate producer farms in East Yorkshire, enjoying a welfare-rich life of lush grass, in addition to feeding them cereals that are grown and milled on East Yorkshire farms.

The hens which produce Elliott Eggs are entirely free range and spend their days in big grass fields with access to plenty of shelter for those days when the good old British weather sets in! They have fresh food and water and scratching areas to enjoy. All of this means they’re happy to produce top quality tasty eggs for us to enjoy... win win!


Freedom Food - RSCPA Monitored Freedom Food - RSCPA Monitored

At Elliott Eggs we believe that happy hens produce great eggs and the powers that be seem to agree! All of our eggs meet the required standards for AHVLA/DEFRA, RSPCA Assured and the British Egg Industry Council (meaning they are Lion Code approved). We are also BRC Grade AA accredited and adhere to rigorous health and safety, sustainability and environmental policies. In short, you can trust that they are cracking good eggs!

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